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          Using this product will improve the quality of your Life.  Giving your hair a smile that radiates a sense of warmth and welcome with a pulsation of healthiness and joy!  Check out the before and after(slide show) to see results.  

Magic By Artie takes the problems out of haircare!

There is nothing better for your hair!

Because the Condition of  your Hair is the key to unlocking Unlimited Possibilities  in your Hairstyles!

Welcome to our website and the dawning of a new day in Haircare.  Your hair will thank you for  using this product.  And it will show you by performing beautifully, being manageable, and always looking its best.

Your hair by it's very nature requires delicate precise care and treatment.  And we must all look to hair products called Hair Conditioners to Protect, Enchance, and Save our hair.  But not all hair conditioners are created equally.  Up to now, hair conditioners have fallen into one of two categories,namely, Protein enchancing or moisture enriching.  But your hair needs both at different times and in diffrent amounts. Your hair knows when it needs protein and when it needs moisture.  Your hair conditioners needs to be able to fulfill  these needs as they arise. Thus keeping your hair in perfect balance so that it always looks and is at its very best.  For anyone not using Magic By Artie this means you have to use two conditioners. And without the proper blended formulation your hair will be a true hair diaster.  Sadly millions of you are experiencing this right now without understanding why. You can't just go back and forth from product to product. The blended formulation has to be right or your hair will suffer damage, perform poorly , be unhealthy, and look unattactive.   We have combined the old ways of magic with the new methods of science to create a product that is truly a must have in your quest for beautiful, manageable, healthy hair.  You simply use Magic By Artie and it does the rest.  Providing protein when and where protien is needed and providing moisture when and where moisture is needed.  You could say Magic By Artie is self-balancing in the treatment of your hair.

 It has been over 20 years in the making with 1000's of years of hair knowledge going into every jar.  All the best hair knowledge from cultures like Ancient Egypt, Asia, Greece, Rome, France, England, Native Americans, Germany, China, India, Jerusalem, MexicoJapan, and some other European countries as well as  North and South America has been studied, used, and refined into this product.  Making this the product for all cultures and all people.  Magic by Artie has been formulated by: Profound Professional Hair Care Provider: ARTIE-C

            Magic By Artie - makes hairstyling possible & easy! 


 Artie's clientele stretches all across the United States and into several other countries and service's many different cultures as well as every hair type.  Whatever your hair concern or need Artie has the answer.  And it's Magic By Artie!



 1).  Always begin with clean hair and a clean scalp.(Never try to condition unclean hair)

  2). Apply an amount of Magic By Artie that covers your hair evenly working                             from root to ends (If used in a shower or bath leave in hair until you are finished then rinse with cold water for about a mintue or two depending on lenght of hair).

  3).  Towel pat hair to remove extra water(Never rub hair with towel to remove water this only causes damage).

  4).  Style hair as desired and Magic By Artie will the rest. 


  1).  As stated above, never try to condition unclean hair.

   2).  Be sure to have 20 to 40 mintues to devote to your deep conditioning treatment and a air tight plastic hair cover.

  3). Apply liberal amount of Magic By Artie to hair - working from root to ends.

  4).  Cover hair completely with air tight hair cover.

  5).  Now you can either set under a hair dryer for 10-to-15 mintues or something else like do housework or exercise,etc. 

  6). After about 15 mintues remove hair cover and comb(not brush) hair- starting from root to ends - working gently section by section.

  7). Recover hair with air tight hair cover for another 10-to-15 mintues.

  8). Afterward remove hair cover and comb(not brush)hair once again - working gently from ends to root section by section.

 9).  Next rinse your hair with cold water for 2-to-3 mintues depending on the length.  Pat hair with a towel to remove water(never rub,twist,ring,nor squeeze your hair to remove water - this only causes damage).

10). Style as desired and let Magic By Artie do the rest.



First, only use Magic By Artie or any hair conditioner if your hair is clean.  You can't condition unclean hair.  For first time users, use Magic By Artie after every shampoo. We suggest you follow the instructions for deep conditioning the first time you use magic by artie. Once you start to feel the softness, manageablity, and see radiance in your hair reduce usage to as needed(the look and feel of your hair will tell you when) but at all cost keep using Magic By Artie because you are on your way to having perfectly balanced hair.  The kind of hair with no limitations - that do anything you want to do with it hair - that Magic By Artie hair.  For those who have been using magic by artie, the key to when to use is knowing your hair type - refer to chart at sidebar (to the right) to learn your hair type.  Once you know your hair type the look and feel of your hair will help you get on a use  schedule.  Remember, magic by artie is the only hair conditioner you don't have to use everytime you shampoo.  Because it can't be completely washed out of your hair.  It merges and binds with the innermost part of your hair strands providing it moisture and protein or food and water.  Which in turn feeds the next layer of your hair strands, which in turns feeds the final layer of your hair strands; giving you perfectly healthy balanced hair.

The 2 Facts about your hair

 1).  The most important element of your hair's performance is its CONDITION.  When your hair is nourished in the Proper Conditioning Agents it literally " Springs to Life"   It has Body, Bounce, Movement, Shine, and Resistance to things that make it hard or impossible to do what you want.Magic By Artie is scientifically formulated with the Proper Conditioning Agents to insure you will have perfect hair all the time! Your hair will do what you want it to do every time.

2).  All hair is the same.  That is to say, all hair is composed of a protein called Keratin.  What's different is how your hair is treated by internal and external factors,i.e., diet, climate, environment, people, and products.


The 4 Seasons of your hair

Climate and season greatly damages the quality of your hair.  From how it will grow, to color fading, breakage, and overall performance.  That being the case, and there being 4 seasons a year your hair care needs must change 4 times a year.  If you want the best hair you can have at any and every point in time.  The condition of your hair effects every other aspect of it.  Thus, you must keep your hair's condition in season if you are to have complete control  over it and your life.   Magic By Artie is the only true Climate Controlled conditioner. Its ingredients are changed or modified Climatically and seasonally to keep your hair in balance with nature and your lifestyle.  So, if you and your hair is not changing your Hair Conditioner 4 times a year than you are not getting the best your Hair and Health has to give!  In other words, you are not looking, feeling, or being your best!   Let's take a closer look at these 4 seasons of your hair: 

Winter - is marked by cold and harsh temperatures that is very hard on your hair.  In winter we often cover our head with hats and others things that rob our hair of the stuff  that keep it conditioned and able to keep it  coated with what it needs to grow.  Winter also keeps our hair cuticle closed so that  most hair products can not do their intended purpose. Ask yourself do you wear the same clothes in the middle of winter that you wear in the middle of summer?  Your hair care products are just like your clothes they protect and beautify your hair just like your clothes do your body.  Thus,  just like you change your clothes in winter you also need to change your hair care products.

Summer - Just like winter requires that you change your hair products to stay in balance with nature.  Just like you change your clothes in summer you need to change your hair care products if you want your hair to perform at its best.  Summer exposes your hair to temperatures that cause your hair cuticle to over relax permitting to much product and environmental agents to enter your hair shaft causing damage. 

Spring - Just like winter and summer requires a change in hair care products for your hair to be at its best in season.  Spring is marked usually with more shedding of hair than other seasons.  In most cases hair tends to grow more in the spring as well.  With this rapid shedding and growth your hair needs special nourishing. 

Fall - Most people again experience some shedding during this season of the year.  Your hair and scalp is adjusting from a hot or warm period to one that is becoming cold.  The hair cuticle is starting to tighten up winter. 


Magic By Artie and Shampooing

Shampoo by its very nature is damaging to your hair.  Because it is negatively charged it washes the life out of your hair not just styling aids.  Shampoo does to hair what detergent does to clothes.  And as everyone knows, after so many washes clothes fall apart or wear out.  Which is why a hair conditioner like Magic By Artie is so very important and necessary for your hair and your health.  Magic By Artie is positively charged which means it puts life back into your hair and help improve your health.  And with continued use stops shampoos from taking life from you and your hair.  Magic By Artie is also designed to protect your hair and your health from the damaging effects of hairsprays and all other hair styling aids, as well as, the outside elements.  Giving you and your hair Vibrancy, Vigor, and Vitality.   For those of you who wash your hair everyday and all others, you are putting your health at risk when not using Magic By ArtieThis includes Men, Women, and Children. Magic By Artie puts back into your hair what shampooing takes out - a cleaner, healthier form of sebum


 Your Hair Problems

 What you and your Hairdresser don't know

The first  fact you must know is that there is a very big difference between being a Hairdresser and a Hair Care Provider.  The difference is like night and day to give you an example.   Hair Care Providing is a science in its own right without the Respect and Acknowledgment it deserves.  It takes years of experience with hair and you literally have to learn how to have eyes in your fingers tips, plus a God given gift for how to care for things; much like a Doctor or Nurse.  Everyone can't do it but those who can are truly gifted.  If you or your hairdresser knew and do what I am about to tell you your hair problems, troubles, concerns,or whatever you call them would go away and you would have beautiful hair all the time.  Your hair would be the best it could be at any moment in time.  Most people hair suffer from one or more disorders they nor their hairdresser know anything about some are self caused, others are caused by hairdressers and/or wrong hair products( whether alone or in combination with other products that shouldn't be used together on a certain client's head), others are caused by medications and drug use, and others are caused by diet, health, or environment.  This list is only partial as all these disorders can be helped or cured by using Magic By Artie. 



1).  Traction Alopecia  - This type of hair problem is caused by mechanical or manual pulling of your hair.  It is caused by wearing things around or on your head that pulls your hair. Things like sweat bands, hair ties, and other things used to keep your hair or sweat or whatever out of your face and in place.  Braiding and weaving hair also causes this problem.  This condition causes serious hair and scalp damage.  The hair is pulled so hard and in some cases so long that it pulls and/or rips the hair right out of the scalp.  Prolonged traction alopecia can and often does lead to permanent hair loss.  Millions of people needlessly suffer from this hair disorder.   The solution is simple:  Use Magic By Artie!

2).  Bamboo Hair -  In this kind of hair disorder your hair has focal weak points were it easily snaps and broke.  Use Magic By Artie!

3).  Bubble Hair - This hair disorder results from using to much heat from things like blow dryers, hair dryer, curling iron, and chemical treatments that work with heat.  Your hair has bubbles along the shaft making it break easy and hard to style and manage.  Use Magic By Artie!

4).  Uncombable Hair Syndrome - In this kind of hair disorder the hair is too strong and inflexible making almost impossible to style.  Use Magic By Artie!

 5).  Woolly Hair - This type of hair can be almost impossible to manage and maintain.  It never seems to cooperate no matter what you do.  Use Magic By Artie!

6)  .Grooved Hair - In this hair disorder longitudinal grooves form in the hair shaft making it weak and very hard to style and manage.  Use Magic By Artie! 

7).  Exclamation Mark Hair - In this kind of hair disorder your hair grows like an exclamation mark coming to a point after so much growth.  This kind of hair breaks easy and is always shedding.  Exclamation mark hair is very hard to style and maintain.  Use Magic By Artie!  

8).  Tapered Fracture Hair - This hair condition results from a sudden adverse condition stopping hair follicle from producing hair.   People receiving radiation treatment for different forms of Cancer suffer from this hair disorder.  Also individuals who relocate to a different climate will experience this disorder.  Such as, College students, Military Personnel, and Athletes.  Use Magic By Artie!

9).  Split Ends - Millions of people suffer from this hair disorder and most hair products only makes it worst.  The most common cause of split ends is over worked hair.  The end results of perming,bleaching,coloring,shampooing with harsh shampoos,blow drying, hot curling,etc...  Use Magic By Artie!

This is just a small list of some of the most common hair disorders and conditions.  We will continue to inform you of hair disorders and conditions that may be causing you difficulty with your hair.  These hair conditions and many other can be helped or corrected by using Magic By Artie.

 We hope you find this information and website helpful and that you take advantage of all that it has to offer.  And please feel free to send us information and  pictures that may help us and others.

                                 Thank You!  Artie!


 P.S. We are always looking for before and after hair models.  Please submit your pictures after you start using Magic By Artie.









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Other services includes:

Haircuts, Trims, Relaxers, Perms, Blow Dry, Deep Conditioner, Weaves, Braids, Extensions, Up Do's, and Styles of All kinds, Plus More. 

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Magic By Artie - is made with:

Vitamin A

Vitamin B 1,3,5,6,& 12

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin K


And fortified with spring and vitamin water

And (7) seven Organic Wonder Herbs

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Magic By Artie also stops or prevents:

1). Traction Alopecia

2). Bamboo Hair

3). Bubble Hair

4). Uncombable Hair Syndrome

5). Woolly Hair

6). Grooved Hair

7). Exclamation Mark Hair

8). Taperd Fracture Hair

9). Split Ends

Know Your Hair Type!

Basically there are 3 hair types with varying degrees in between.

1). Fine Hair - This hair type will often benefit from protein or keratin treatments - it needs protein more than moisture.

2). Medium Hair - This hair type will need both Moisture and Protein to stay in a Healthy Balance.

3). Coarse Hair - This hair type needs Moisture more than Protien to stay in a Healthy Balance.

Knowing your hair type is very important because it helps to keep you from using the wrong products on your hair. This includes Shampoos, Conditioners, Relaxers, Perms, Colors, Weaves, Etc... For example, you wouldn't put a coarse hair weave on Fine Hair - it's guaranteed to cause damage and breakage. Knowing your hair type prevents these kinds of mistakes. Magic By Artie will also help with preventing these kinds of mistakes because it is self-balancing - meaning it provides Moisture where moisture is needed and it provides Protein where protein is needed. It's the only Hair Conditioner on the market that can do this.


When it comes to Chemical Treatments knowing your hair type can become very confusing. For example, bleaching or blondeing Fine Hair can make it appear Medium or even Coasre - like wire or straw. In this case the hair at the scalp still need Protein like Keratin treatments but the hair with the bleaching or blondeing needs Moisture. Currently, the only product on the market that can address this kind of problem is Magic By Artie - because it is self-balancing.

Guide to using the right hair tool for the right hair job.

1). PADDLE BRUSH - Good for grooming long hair,wigs,and weaves.

2). FLAT BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH - Good for smoothing and adding shine in one stroke.

3). PICK - Good for shaping,Afros,ponytails, and lifting hair.

4). TEASING BRUSH - Good for adding height to pompadour updos and top knots.

5). SATIN BRUSH - Good for removing unwanted static.

6). WIDE TOOTH RAT TAIL COMB - Good for combing while blowdrying(it's strudy and heat resistant).

7). BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH - Good for styling thicker hair texture into updos and ponytails.

8). TANGLE TEEZER BRUSH - Good for brushing through hair after removing extensions or braids.

9). SKINNY RAT TAIL COMB - Good for sectioning and making neat parts while styling.

10). TOOTHBRUSH - Good for taming short edges around the hairline.

11). COLORING BRUSH - Good for controlling pesky flyaway hairs(spray oil sheen or put gel on brush tip).

12). DOUBLE DETANGLER COMB - Good for unraveling kinky curls and coils after shampooing.

13). SANDALWOOD FINE TOOTH COMB - Good for distributing natural oils and nice scent through your hair.


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Assistance Chart( Chemical Treatments)

Chemical Treatment    Use Magic By Artie

Relaxer(Pro)                      Before & After - Then as needed

Relaxer(Home)                  After - Then at least weekly

Perm(Pro)                           Before & After - Then as needed

Perm(Home)                      Before & After - Then as needed

Bleach(Pro)                         After - Then at least weekly

Bleach(Home)                    After - Then as needed

Color(Pro)                            After - Then as needed

Color(Home)                       Before & After - Then as needed

Foils(Pro)                             After - Then as needed

Foils(Home)                        Before & After - Then as needed

Weave(Pro)                          After - Then as needed

Weave(Home)                     Before & After - Then as needed

Where ever you go - Magic By Artie makes being there better!

Magic By Artie - because it's climate controlled it works everywhere you want to go. And it's the only Hair Conditioner you don't have to use everytime you shampoo giving you more time to enjoy where ever you happen to be. "Grab life by the tail and look your best while doing it".

Magic By Artie helping you look and feel like you belong!

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