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Magic By Artie-Ingredients

Vitamin - A

Because just like it stops dry, itchy skin, it also stops dry, itchy hair and scalp. It also slows hair aging by helping your hair utilize protein(keratin).  Furthermore, it promotes new hair cell growth and helps fight against hair and scalp disorders. Finally, vitamin A is an antioxdant which makes your hair to have healthy respiration.

Vitamin - B

Because it is a coenzyme which helps natural enzymes react chemically with other substances like Perms, Relaxers, Hair colors, Hair Bleaching, Hair Blondeing, etc... This gives you a much Better, Safer, Healthier chemical treatment.  This means no more hair damage due to over or under processing.  Vitamin B also assist in energy production giving your hair a rich, lively look and feel.  Further, it helps maintain this healthy, lively, rich condition of your hair.  

Vitamin - B 1

Because it enchances circulation in the hair and also helps with hair metabolism. It also provides benefits of energy and hair growth. Vitamin B1 is antioxdant which aids in hair respiration and protects hair from the effects of hair aging and alcohol( almost every hair product on the market contains alcohol in one form or another).  Vitamin B1 also protects your hair and scalp from other external forces like sun,cold,dryness,etc...  

Vitamin - B 3

Because it promotes hair cell respiration and hair growth. And it facilitates the use of oxygen by the hair. Further, it helps to eliminate dandruff,as well as, helps with the absorption of metallic deposits in the hair which is the main cause of false or unwanted hair color when coloring hair.  It also improves circulation within your hair.

Vitamin -  B 5

Because vitamin B5 is an anti-stress vitamin it stops and prevents hair from breakage, split ends and it assists in hairs' nutritional utilization of converting protein to energy(In other words - adding life to your hair).

Vitamin - B 6

Because it helps with the absorption of protein(keratin) and forces the balancing of sodium and potassium in your hair which is found in almost every hair product on the market in amount far over what is needed due causing damage and varity of other hair and scalp problems.  It also when mixed with other ingredients found in Magic By Artie causes the balancing of chemical processor which prevents overprocessing as well as underprocessing during chemical treatments like Perms, Relaxers, Color, etc...  Vitamin B6 also promotes hair cell formation(which makes hair grow healthy and strong) and it activates enzymes in the hair which makes hair resistant to damage from both internal and external elements.  Further, vitamin B6 aids in the prevention of weak, brittle, straw-like hair. 

Vitamin - B 12 

Because vitamin B12 is a natural hair and scalp stimulator - "need we say more".

In other words:

It causes blood and oxygen to flow to the hair and scalp which is a reqiurement for healthy,manageable, lovely head of hair and scalp.

Vitamin - C

Because vitamin C is an anti-stress vitamin.  It protects hair from the harmful effects of pollution and other outside elements like the Sun,Rain,Dryness,Wind,etc... It helps with the prevention of hair disorders and hair diseases. It makes and keeps hair healthy. Also, it increases the absorption of minerals like iron by the hair; elimitating things like negative chemical reactions during chemical treatments.  Minerals like iron is found in almost all tap water and effects the outcome of all chemical treatments to hair.     

 Vitamin - D

Because it increases the absorption of minerals like calcium and phosphorus by the hair. These minerals are found in almost all tap water and is a major factor in bad chemical treatment like Perm,Relaxers,Colors,etc... Vitamin D also promotes healthy hair growth and protects your hair against weakness and brokage.  Further, it is important in the prevention of various hair and scalp diseases and  hair disorders It is also useful in helping prevent cancer.

Vitamin - E

We are part of the backbone of America/ We are apart of you/ and We are with you

We are a small family owned business which takes the greatest pride in servicing our community and country.  For over 20 years, we have worked our hearts out to provide the best that our ability and the hair industry has to offer.  Like other small businesses, we  provide the kind of products and services that you can count on when it comes  to integrity, trustworthiness, and accountability .  We do what we do because we love what we do.  And we love doing it for you!  Our greatest joy comes from knowing we have made someone else happy or their lives better.  We are the Mom and Pop of the hair industry.  We make the best product without the corporate dressing that always seem to water a good product down for corporate profits.  Magic By Artie is made from Magic, Science, and a lot  loving hard work.  We are Professionally Trained,  State Licensed, and Inspired.  








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Other services includes:

Haircuts, Trims, Relaxers, Perms, Blow Dry, Deep Conditioner, Weaves, Braids, Extensions, Up Do's, and Styles of All kinds, Plus More. 

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Magic By Artie - is made with:

Vitamin A

Vitamin B 1,3,5,6,& 12

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin K


And fortified with spring and vitamin water

And (7) seven Organic Wonder Herbs

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Magic By Artie also stops or prevents:

1). Traction Alopecia

2). Bamboo Hair

3). Bubble Hair

4). Uncombable Hair Syndrome

5). Woolly Hair

6). Grooved Hair

7). Exclamation Mark Hair

8). Taperd Fracture Hair

9). Split Ends

Know Your Hair Type!

Basically there are 3 hair types with varying degrees in between.

1). Fine Hair - This hair type will often benefit from protein or keratin treatments - it needs protein more than moisture.

2). Medium Hair - This hair type will need both Moisture and Protein to stay in a Healthy Balance.

3). Coarse Hair - This hair type needs Moisture more than Protien to stay in a Healthy Balance.

Knowing your hair type is very important because it helps to keep you from using the wrong products on your hair. This includes Shampoos, Conditioners, Relaxers, Perms, Colors, Weaves, Etc... For example, you wouldn't put a coarse hair weave on Fine Hair - it's guaranteed to cause damage and breakage. Knowing your hair type prevents these kinds of mistakes. Magic By Artie will also help with preventing these kinds of mistakes because it is self-balancing - meaning it provides Moisture where moisture is needed and it provides Protein where protein is needed. It's the only Hair Conditioner on the market that can do this.


When it comes to Chemical Treatments knowing your hair type can become very confusing. For example, bleaching or blondeing Fine Hair can make it appear Medium or even Coasre - like wire or straw. In this case the hair at the scalp still need Protein like Keratin treatments but the hair with the bleaching or blondeing needs Moisture. Currently, the only product on the market that can address this kind of problem is Magic By Artie - because it is self-balancing.

Guide to using the right hair tool for the right hair job.

1). PADDLE BRUSH - Good for grooming long hair,wigs,and weaves.

2). FLAT BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH - Good for smoothing and adding shine in one stroke.

3). PICK - Good for shaping,Afros,ponytails, and lifting hair.

4). TEASING BRUSH - Good for adding height to pompadour updos and top knots.

5). SATIN BRUSH - Good for removing unwanted static.

6). WIDE TOOTH RAT TAIL COMB - Good for combing while blowdrying(it's strudy and heat resistant).

7). BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH - Good for styling thicker hair texture into updos and ponytails.

8). TANGLE TEEZER BRUSH - Good for brushing through hair after removing extensions or braids.

9). SKINNY RAT TAIL COMB - Good for sectioning and making neat parts while styling.

10). TOOTHBRUSH - Good for taming short edges around the hairline.

11). COLORING BRUSH - Good for controlling pesky flyaway hairs(spray oil sheen or put gel on brush tip).

12). DOUBLE DETANGLER COMB - Good for unraveling kinky curls and coils after shampooing.

13). SANDALWOOD FINE TOOTH COMB - Good for distributing natural oils and nice scent through your hair.


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Assistance Chart( Chemical Treatments)

Chemical Treatment    Use Magic By Artie

Relaxer(Pro)                      Before & After - Then as needed

Relaxer(Home)                  After - Then at least weekly

Perm(Pro)                           Before & After - Then as needed

Perm(Home)                      Before & After - Then as needed

Bleach(Pro)                         After - Then at least weekly

Bleach(Home)                    After - Then as needed

Color(Pro)                            After - Then as needed

Color(Home)                       Before & After - Then as needed

Foils(Pro)                             After - Then as needed

Foils(Home)                        Before & After - Then as needed

Weave(Pro)                          After - Then as needed

Weave(Home)                     Before & After - Then as needed

Where ever you go - Magic By Artie makes being there better!

Magic By Artie - because it's climate controlled it works everywhere you want to go. And it's the only Hair Conditioner you don't have to use everytime you shampoo giving you more time to enjoy where ever you happen to be. "Grab life by the tail and look your best while doing it".

Magic By Artie helping you look and feel like you belong!

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